(Breaking Dawn) Transformation/First Hunt*

First hunt…




What I’m Wearing…
Dress #1 (SA Replica): Artfire.com $150 (Made by a friend of mine! 🙂 )
 (SA Replica): Alice’s Closet $175 (Currently Unavaliable 😦 )
#3 Alternative: Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Dress – $34 +$10 US Shipping.
(I’m wearing a size small tailored)

Engagement Ring #1 (SA Replica): InfiniteJewelryCoAmazonEtsyeBay.
#2 (Replica): Hot Topic (NECA)
#3 (Alt): Kohl’s (I had to get a ring guard for it)

Contacts (Unknown – Alt): PinkyParadise.com $26 (Color: Venus Bright Red) You do not need a prescription 🙂 Just select your size as 0. – They do not show up well from afar FYI. But they’re very similar to the contacts they used in Twilight’s first film. They’re more realistic! 😉

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