My Room

Here is what’s in my room…

Here’s the floor plan from the Director’s Notebook:

Green Paint (Alternative): Lowe’s, Home Depot

Bedding #1 (Screen Accurate): Target Modern Home Flocked Comforter Set (Target) – eBay, Amazon ($170).
#2 Alt: Velvet Floral Flocking Comforter – Amazon ($84).

Dragonfly Lights #1 (SA): Smith & Hawken Neo Neon X101641 Mesh Dragonfly Light Set – eBay
#2 Alt: Target Threshold Metal String Dragonfly Lights – Target ($13), eBay, Lowe’s, Home Depot.

Dresser (SA): Wood and Willow Nightstand – Amazon ($92 + $8 Shipping), eBay.

Laptop (SA): Apple Macbook (Black) – Mac, eBay.
(I highly suggest the new Macbook Air. That’s what I have 😉 )

Elephant Paper Shredder/Pencil Sharpener (SA): eBay, ($20), Amazon ($13), The Zoo (lol I saw one at mine).

Frog Clock (Alt): Frog Whimsy Clock – eBay.

iPod (SA): Apple Classic Ipod – Mac, eBay (Although I don’t know why you would want such an outdated iPod lol)
iPod Earphones (SA): Mac, eBay.

Pepper Spray (SA): Fox Mean Green Pepper Spray – ($11)
Most sites only sell the new redesigned bottle that’s black. This is the only site I found with the green bottle.

Box (SA): (Spotted this myself! 😉 ) Wooden Unfinished Hinged Box – Michaels, Hobby Lobby.

Sheets (SA): Lavender Sheets – Target (In Stores), eBayBed Bath & Beyond.
Red Blanket (SA): Target Microplush Blanket (It’s so soft and warm. My favorite blanket! :D), Target (In Stores), eBay, TJ Maxx (In Stores), Amazon $55.

– Blue and Green Japanese Style Ribbon Bound Scrapbook – Etsy (GreenTeaBookworks)
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35 Digital Camera – eBay
(Spotted by me! :D) Canon PIXMA iP4950 Photo Printer – eBay

Paper Bird Cutout (SA Replica): Papel Picado Style Bird Silhouette – eBay, Etsy.
Lion Photo (SA):
Vintage Pink Lion Embroidery – eBay, Etsy (Usually a sewing guide)

Cone Lights (SA): Smith & Hawken Vine Cone Light String – eBay.
Star Lights (SA): Smith & Hawken Star String Lights – eBay.
Wicker Ball Lights (Alt.): Threshold Vine Ball String Lights – Target ($13 Where mine are from. They still have them in most stores too in the outdoor area 🙂 ), eBay.

Twister (SA): Game – Target, Wal-Mart, eBay, lots of places in stores.

Dresser Lamp (SA): Orgel Table Lamp – Amazon ($40), eBay.
Floor Lamp (SA): IKEA Orgel Floor Lamp – IKEA $20.

All Posters (Except 1) (SA Replicas): Etsy (PerfectPrintsBySam) – $10.50 + $6 Shipping (to US) $7 Everywhere else
Debussy Poster (SA Replica): Etsy (PerfectPrintsBySam) – $5.50 + $4/$5 Shipping

Peacock Feathers (SA): Etsy, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, eBay.

Bamboo (Alt.): The Mall, eBay.
Cactus: Lowe’s, Home Depot, eBay.


Desk Lamp (SA): IKEA Tertial Work Lamp – eBay.

*She also has a bowl of pinecones in her room 🙂

Dreamcatcher (SA): NECA – eBay.

Wuthering Heights: Book – Barnes & NobleAmazoneBay, (My favorite book!)
Merchant Of Venice(SA): Book – Barnes & Noble ($7), Amazon ($7), eBay.
Romeo & Juliet: Book – Barnes & Noble ($9), eBay, Amazon (These red/black ones are the ones I own)

Sticky Notes (SA): Post-It Sticky Notes Cube – Target, Office Max, Walmart, ($8), eBay.
Flower Sticky Notes (SA): Office Max, Target, WalMart, eBay.

Red Circle Rug (Alt.): ($85).

Drapes (SA): IKEA Bamboo Hutlet Drapes – eBay.
PS I found an AMAZING alternative! More details will be posted soon 🙂

2 Tone Paper Lantern (SA): (Spotted by me! 🙂 ) Linens n Things in Sunset/Berry – Etsy, eBay. You can also request a custom one from this seller on Etsy. 🙂

Shelf (SA): Unfinished Wooden 4 Peg Shelf – Michael’s (Cheapest), eBay.

Candle Tray (SA): Sarah Peyton Jewel Tone Tea Light Candle Tray – Target, Amazon, eBay.
Floor Mirror #1 (SA):  French White Mahogany Painted Mirror – eBay (About $400).
#2 (Alt): Stanley Cheval Isabella White Mirror – ($799)

Purple Frame: Plain Purple Picture Frame – Walmart $10, Michaels (In Stores) $13
(Mine came from Kohl’s a longg time ago & was purple to begin with, but I did some construction on it to remove the beads and such and then I just spray painted purple over it to make it look nice again :)) So really, you could just buy a plain frame and spray paint it. 😉

Vanity Mirror (Alt): Carroll Hand Forged Vanity Stand Mirror – eBay.

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18 Responses to My Room

  1. Tammy says:

    wow this is awesome!, I am making my room now and this is a great help for me, thanks a lot!!!

  2. I really want the Wooden Unfinished Hinged Box, if you can help me to get one, please let me know 🙂

  3. Madison says:

    Love your blog! Are you decorating your own room like this? If you are please post pics!

    • Bella says:

      Yes, my room is. 🙂 I will probably post pictures in pieces after I edit them and such. Still have to wait till my birthday to get a lot of things though! 😉

  4. C says:

    Wow great blog! 😀 Love your cosplay pics also! =) I’d love to get the wooden unfinished hinged box, I’m from Sweden. Could you help me?

    • Bella says:

      Thank you! 🙂 I went to Michael’s the other day and checked. There was only one! 😦 & you’re not the first to ask. I’ll have to check the other Michaels around my area and get back to you in the future if I come across any more! I’m sorry 😦

      • C says:

        That’s a shame… But thank you so much for looking! 🙂 If you are able to find some more please let me know.

  5. Laura says:

    How did you find the SA vine cone string lights????

  6. Francesca says:

    Are you going to do a room tour of your room? ‘Cause I think that would help a lot too. 🙂 BTW Thank you for this amazing post! ❤

  7. Julie says:

    Just stumbled across your page…. and WOW:) I am in the process of redecorating my room and this information was IMMENSELY helpful! I was actually able to find a couple of items that I had been searching for for a long time but didn’t know the name/brand. From one fan to another–Thank you! Keep it up!:)

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