(Breaking Dawn) Battle*

What I’m Wearing…
Jacket #1 (Screen Accurate): Belstaff Double Breasted Zip Leather Jacket – eBay
(This is one of my most wanted items! Please let me know if you want to sell yours or know where to get one! 🙂 )
#2 (Alternative/Replica): A friend of mine made this jacket custom for me! 🙂 Her mom makes many amazing Bella Swan replicas! – Facebook Store Page.
#3 (Alt/Replica):  CosplaySky $150 + $20 US shipping.

In the film you can see this undershirt:

Under Shirt (Unknown – Alt.): Dark Grey Old Navy V-Neck – eBay.

But on the costume mannequin you see this one:

#1 Under Shirt: (Unknown)
#2 Alt: Olive American Apparel Rib Boy Beater Tank – eBay, American Apparel ($10).
#3 Alt: Old Navy Olive Tank – eBay.

#1 Pants (SA): Michael Stars Kasia Jobpur Pants – eBay.
#2 (SA Replica): Etsy – Shoshanna2003

#1 Boots (SA): LD Tuttle Weave Leather Double Layer Combat Boot – eBay.
#2 Alt: Boutique 9 Saffi Boots – eBay, ShoeBuy.com ($114)

Cuff (SA): Bella’s Wristcuff – Hot Topic, Amazon ($32), eBay.

Engagement Ring #1 (SA Replica): InfiniteJewelryCoAmazonEtsyeBay.
#2 (Replica): Hot Topic (NECA)
#3 (Alt): Kohl’s (I had to get a ring guard for it)

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