(New Moon) Cliff Jumping*

What I’m Wearing…
Green Shirt
(Screen Accurate): American Eagle Stripe Slub Henley in Olive – eBay.
#2: Dyed. (Looking to buy it in olive, white, or black in XS)

#1 Blue Under Shirt (Unknown – Alternative): Old Navy Long Sleeve Navy Shirt – eBay.
#2 Alt: H&M Long Sleeve Navy Shirt – eBay.

Pants (SA): J Brand Mid Rise 12″ Pencil Leg Jeans – eBay.

 Brown Jacket (SA Replica): Brown Twill Jacket from Cosplaysky – $90 + $20 US Shipping.

Tan Jacket #1 (SA): Split Sherpa Hoodie – eBay.
#2 (Replica): Split Sherpa Wool Hoodie Replica – Cosplaysky $130 + $20 US Shipping
#3 (Alt) Full Tilt Essential Zip Hoodie – Tilly’s $20
#4 (Alt) Faded Glory Fleece Zip Hoodie – eBay

Shoes #1 (SA): Navy Keds Champion – Shoe stores, eBay.
#2 Alternative: Navy City Sneaks from Payless, other shoe stores, eBay.

Bracelets #1 (Unknown – SA Replicas): St. Jude Bracelet – Hot Topic, EtsyeBay.
#2 Wooden Bead Prayer Bracelet – eBayEtsy – I reccommend UrbanHardwear on etsy! :) It’s where I got mine.

Turquoise Cuff – EtsyeBay, Hot Topic, Amazon.

Ring (Unknown – SA Replica): Oval Rainbow Moonstone Silver Ring.
I got mine from Etsy. It’s my most prized possession. Sadly, the seller I bought it from closed his store, but there are still a lot of good ones to choose from. I paid around $40 for mine. Was definitely worth it. I never take it off!

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