Here are some Bella Swan/Twilight cosplayers of the world! 🙂 I created this page to post all you guys and your Bella Swan/other Twilight character cosplay, costumes, or even room decor! Please submit them to me at (Make the subject say, Bella!) or in the FB group! 🙂 Be sure to include your name, where you are located, & a page of yours if you have one.

Alayna Cash – Flordia

Angela Devlin – Pennsylvania

Ilka-Sophie Reinecke de Castro – Brazil (Click her name to visit her Bella shop!)

Georgia Burns and Gabriella – London, UK

Eternally Cullen – The United Kingdom

Natalie Carr – England

LizzyBella – Germany

Jesse Spradlin – Ohio

Anna Jacob Britton (And Eternally Cullen) – UK

Vera Finotti – Italy

Brianne Griego – Texas

Anna Buttram – Washington

Sam Edward Moden and Eternally Cullen – UK

Dawn Pearlstein-Abeyta – Colorado

Tamara Gutierrez – Argentina

Joasia Chyla – Poland

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