(Eclipse) Fire & Ice*

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Flashback to the past… (With my previous Edward)
What I’m Wearing…
(Unknown – Alternative): Aeropostale Purple Plaid – eBay.

Tank (Unknown – Alt.):
BDG Tank in White from Urban Outfitters – eBay.

Pants (SA): 
American Eagle Straight Jeans – AE, eBay.

Shoes #1 (SA):
Navy Keds Champion – Shoe stores, eBay.
#2 Alt: Navy City Sneaks from Payless, other shoe stores, eBay.

Backpack (SA): JanSport Right Pack Classic Daypack (Bella’s color is ‘Copper Brown’) – REI or Bobwards.com (Both $55) eBay is your best bet for Bella’s color though. I got green since I’m not a fan of orange.

(Unknown – SA Replica):
Oval Rainbow Moonstone Silver Ring.
I got mine from Etsy. It’s my most prized possession. Sadly, the seller I bought it from closed his store, but there are still a lot of good ones to choose from. I paid around $40 for mine. Was definitely worth it. I never take it off!

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