Thank You’s ❤

Here is a list of all the people I would like to say thank you to for making this website what it is today!

My Jacob and Best friend: Andrew ❤

My Edwards: Andrew & Adam!

My Photographers: Mom, Danny, Meghan, Andrew, Maia, & Sammy!

Photo Editing: Elizabeth Kraft (Jacob’s Tattoo!)
Alayna & Angela (Some photo edits)

Inspiration: Christilynn Botti! Also the amazing Stephenie Meyer Day crew that I am so proud to be a part of!

Obtaining Stuff: Maggie, Nikcole, and so many others (too many to name!) have been such a great help with helping me own Bella things & her clothes in my size! ❤

Love and Support: Mom, Dad, Andrew, Alayna, Evelyn, all the Coolspotters girls, & all my Twilight friends from my Facebook group! 🙂

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