(New Moon) Birthday*

*This post will be updated after each photo shoot! 🙂

What I’m Wearing…

Tank (SA): Olive American Apparel Rib Boy Beater Tank – eBayAmerican Apparel ($18).
#2 Alternative: Old Navy Olive Tank – eBay.

Jacket (SA): Billabong Hannah Jacket – eBay.
(Note: There are a couple different versions of this jacket!)

Sweater Vest (Unknown): The vest is unknown as of right now. But you can look for it on eBay. Or you can look for one of my other vests on eBay which is by Heritage 1981.

Shirt (SA): AE Off Campus Floral Henley – eBay.
#2 Alt: Forver 21 Floral Shirt – eBay.

Pants (SA): J Brand Mid Rise 12″ Pencil Leg Jeans – eBay.

Shoes #1 (SA): Navy Keds Champion – Shoe stores, eBay.
#2 Alt: Navy City Sneaks – Payless, other shoe stores, eBay.

Headband (SA): Goody Stay Put Headbands – eBay or Amazon $10

Bracelets #1 (Unknown – SA Replicas): St. Jude Bracelet – Hot Topic, EtsyeBay.
#2 Wooden Bead Prayer Bracelet – eBayEtsy – I reccommend UrbanHardwear on etsy! :) It’s where I got mine.

Turquoise Cuff – EtsyeBay, Hot Topic, Amazon.

Ring (Unknown – SA Replica): Oval Rainbow Moonstone Silver Ring. I got mine from Etsy.com. It’s my most prized possession. Sadly, the seller I bought it from closed his store, but there are still a lot of good ones to choose from. I paid around $40 for mine. Was definitely worth it. I never take it off!

Backpack (SA): JanSport Right Pack Classic Daypack (Bella’s color is ‘Copper Brown’) – REI or Bobwards.com (Both $55) eBay is your best bet for Bella’s color though. I got green since I’m not a fan of orange.

Dress (SA Replica): Hot Topic replica – eBay.

Cardigan (SA): Old Navy Cropped Cardigan – eBay.
#2 Alt: Tidon Black Cardigan – eBay.

 Shoes (SA): Vans Gisele in Black Fog (Suede – Skulls). – eBay.
#2 Vans Gisele (Different Material – Zebra) – eBay. These ones usually cost less money because they aren’t suede!

Jacket (SA) {Edward’s}: G-Star Polair Bomber Jacket – eBay.

Cami (SA): Brown Hollister Lace Cami – eBay.

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2 Responses to (New Moon) Birthday*

  1. Alice says:

    This cami looks grey in the picture..is it grey? If so do you mind sending me one?

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