(New Moon) Dead Meadow*

 *This post will be updated again after my shoot with “Laurent” 😉

What I’m Wearing… Sweater (Screen Accurate): Caslon Hooded Sweater – eBay. Super rare! *I’m currently looking for one in any color if you have one to sell! 🙂 #1 Alternative: Billabong Sweater – eBay. #2 Alt: Maurice’s Button Sweater (From shoot) – eBay. #3 Alt: Derek Heart Button Hoodie – eBay.

Plaid #1 (SA): TNA Green & White Plaid Shirt – eBay. #2 (From the shoot): H&M Plaid – eBay. Undershirt (SA): Olive American Apparel Rib Boy Beater Tank – eBayAmerican Apparel ($18). #2 Alternative: Old Navy Olive Tank – eBay.
Pants (SA): J Brand Mid Rise 12″ Pencil Leg Jeans – eBay.

Shoes (SA): Nike Cortez (Nylon, not leather) – eBay.

Backpack (SA): JanSport Right Pack Classic Daypack (Bella’s color is ‘Copper Brown’) – REI or Bobwards.com (Both $55) eBay is your best bet for Bella’s color though. I got green since I’m not a fan of orange.

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